October 3


Jerskin Fendrix

UCC Harlo

Jung An Tagen & Rainer Kohlberger AV Performance 

Prison Religion

Girl Band



Fiksdal/Floen/Slåttøy: Fictions of the Flesh

Ira Melkonyan & the rubberbodies collective: Upstairs Geology 50/50

Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner: linger on


Art & Installation

Shenece Oretha: Dearly beloved (A recital for deeply loved flesh), 2019

knowbotiq in collaboration with Odete: Genesis Machines, indigo farming, 2019

Anne Imhof: Untitled (Wave), 2021

Michael Wallinger: fprs.19, 2019

Forensic Architecture: Triple-Chaser, 2019

Emanuel Mooner: Singing Garden, 2021




A Mordida (The Bite) | R: Pedro Neves Marques

Seoul City Machine | R: Liam Young

Where The City Can't See | R: Liam Young

Geomancer | R: Lawrence Lek


Theory & Talk

Activist Talk: Shourideh Molavi (Forensic Architecture) and Gabu Heindl (architect/ urban planner/activist), EN


...and many more




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