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Hero of a thousand guises: Jerskin Fendrix is the most incredible, daring, and fun eclecticist to come out of the current pop avant-garde. On his debut album Winterreise, the multi-instrumentalist from South London switches at a ludicrous pace between chamber-music-like piano etudes and high-speed accelerationist pop in the style of PC Music; he raps with a deep and fierce grime voice one moment, and whoops like a chipmunk on MDMA the next. Fendrix composes glorious melodies from reliably off-key clarinets, overlaying them with sweeping and snarling synthesizers. So far so amazing – but the best thing about all this is that these seemingly disjointed ideas always make for instantly catchy and engaging hits: Jerskin Fendrix is first and foremost a brilliant songwriter, a digital native of song.

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