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Playing with the voice, the fragmentation and manipulation of vocals, is one of the key fields of experimentation in the contemporary pop avant-garde. Viennese singer and producer Conny Frischauf excels at this game with a passionate intensity. At the same time, her interest is rooted in language itself, fragmenting and manipulating phrases and words, repeating syllables and interjections: On her album The Drift, they are interwoven with minimalist, motoric rhythms. “Es geht rauf, rauf, rauf,” she sings right at the beginning, “Tust du mir weh, sag ich ade, au au, tschau tschau,” goes the track “Auf Wiedersehen”. It’s naturally reminiscent of Kraftwerk, but also Malaria! and Die Dominas, in particular: Her cool, reduced, brilliant music aligns Conny Frischauf with the tradition of savvy feminist new wave artists.   

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