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Her music is physical and sexually offensive; at the same time, it is about trauma and what we suppress in our unconscious minds yet always comes back to us from there. Her sensational debut Muthaland from the year 2000 was a concept album about a gameshow “from the fiery depths of hell”. Brittnee Moore aka bbymutha from Tennessee counts amongst the most exciting hip-hop artists of the moment. She raps with an elegant, cold, oddly distanced voice over heavy surging bass that hits you right in the gut. Moore is completely with herself, her self-reflection diffracted. Her beats and sounds are rooted in southern rap but targeted at the future. On her latest EP Cherrytape, her style spills over into the latest club music, the technoid, the cyborg-esque: “sex talk” for a dance floor where dancing, desiring, and thinking become one.

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