Film: AIDOL爱道

Krems Kino im Kesselhaus Kino im Kesselhaus

A film by Lawrence Lek

Program text


The Geomancer sequel AIDOL 爱道 follows the career of avatar Diva against the backdrop of the Olympic eSports final battle between the “Synths” and the “Bios” in Singapore of 2065. Diva is a hasbeen superstar who plans to engage an AI to stage her comeback. AIDOL 爱道 conjures a fluid image stream of digital hallucinations in a Far East dominated future, where machines can love or suffer from fading fame, and algorithms actuate the unconscious in a world full of “influence without influencers”.

Direction: Lawrence Lek
OF with engl. Subtitles | (UK, 2019) 82 min

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