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Simple as ABC#6: Remote Control (Lecture Performance)

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2400 years ago the Greek philosopher Aristotle described the idea of a “slave by nature”. He believed that some people were born to rule while others were “living tools”, which could be hunted and punished like animals when they rejected their place in the natural order of things. Only a process of automation could put an end to this order.

Simple as ABC#6: Remote Control unites the artistic research processes of the theatre makers Ahilan Ratnamohan and Thomas Bellinck. For several years now, both have been investigating, each in their own way, the issues of labour exploitation, social death,
and the privilege, precarity, and criminalisation of various forms of international mobility. The lectureperformance is the first step in a future collaboration of the two artists on the topic of automation and digitalisation in the realms of border control and physical labour.

By Thomas Bellinck & Ahilan Ratnamohan

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