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untamed cozy care

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Being touched instead of observing from a distance: Upon invitation from donaufestival, the Austrian choreographer and performer Lisa Hinterreithner, together with Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, and Robert Steijn, developed an immersive setting in which haptic touch becomes tangible as “responseability” and is rediscovered as an intimate sensation, which is often neglected in the operating system of art. The performers take on the role of “care workers” and initiate in a form of physical listening and support. In the soundscape of Elise Mory humans, plants, and things come to rest, bedded side-by-side. Organic and inorganic bodies merge; seemingly passive figures switch primarily to reception. A space for caring relationships parallel to the ground. Low touch, low bodies, low energy in the most positive sense.

Artistic direction and performance: Lisa Hinterreithner

In cooperation with: Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, and Robert Steijn

Music: Elise Mory

Set: Katharina Kapsamer, Lisa Hinterreithner

Head of production and research assistance: Franziska Zaida Schrammel

Production: Unpredictable Past

Coproduction: donaufestival

Supported by: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Kunst und Kultur

Thanks to David Ender

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