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For the cancelled donaufestival 2020, the Austrian choreographer and performer Lisa Hinterreithner was invited to develop a new work that would explore physical sensation and the transcendence of distance. The idea was to reflect the social dependencies and vulnerabilities that permeate the ideology of the autonomous individual. Due to the pandemic, the envisioned fusion of performers and audience had to be discarded. For this year’s edition, Hinterreithner, Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, and Robert Steijn perform in an environment where visitors are incorporated as lying, sprawled out islands of bodies in the choreographed space. Enveloped in the light and fog images of Conny Zenk and the affectively charged sounds by Lisa Kortschak and Elise Mory, the potential of a collective sensitivity unfolds. Touches search for access points to the bodies. linger on actuates sensual perception, while combining care for oneself with care for others.

Choreography, performance, and text: Lisa Hinterreithner
Choreography and performance: Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, Robert Steijn
Sound: Lisa Kortschak, Elise Mory
Light architecture: Conny Zenk
Set: Katharina Kapsamer, Lisa Hinterreithner
Costume: Constanze Stahr
Dramaturgical feedback: Robert Steijn
Documentation: Eva Würdinger and Markus Gradwohl
Head of production: Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Production: Up. (Unpredictable Past)

Coproduction: donaufestival Krems, ARGEkultur Salzburg
Funded by: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport, Stadt Wien Kultur

Thanks to: Michaela Altweger, Georg Hartl, Katharina Hinterreithner, Liquid Loft

Duration 55 minutes

Website Lisa Hinterreithner

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