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Krems Kino im Kesselhaus Kino im Kesselhaus

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A Mordida is an associative fantasy on the breeding of genetically modified mosquitos and wayward sexuality. Liam Young’s Seoul City Machine is a seductive love letter from the City Operating System to the citizens it affectionately manages, while his film
Where The City Can’t See—shot entirely with laser scanning technology on the streets of Detroit—portrays young factory workers’ revolt against the X-ray vision of the machines. In his CGI film Geomancer Lawrence Lek tells of an extraterrestrial artificial intelligence’s dream of becoming a popstar in the Singapore of 2065.

A Mordida (The Bite) | OF mit engl. Untertiteln | Direction: Pedro Neves Marques, PRT/BRZ 2018, 26 min
Seoul City Machine | OF mit engl. Untertiteln | Direction: Liam Young, US/KR 2019, 8 min
Where The City Can´t See | EN | Direction: Liam Young, US/UK 2017, 11 min
Geomancer | OF mit engl. UT | Direction: Lawrence Lek, UK 2017, 48 min




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