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El Conde de Torrefi el has made a name for themselves with their irritating works about the brittle disposition of (western) European society and the hard to grasp sentiments of our time. The duo often employs projected texts, which range from futuristic simulation games to diary entries. They tell of an insecure generation and form a sharp contrast to the minimalist stage choreographies and energetic sounds. Tears emerge in the fabric of elements, which explore the irreconcilable between the “honest” observations of the portrayed individuals and the self-conception of a society in which nothing understood anymore. The world premiere of KULTUR at donaufestival leaves the typical theatre space of previous works by El Conde de Torrefi el. The performative installation derives from explicit scenes and the tension between textual reflections on life in public space and the realistic setting of a casting.

Conceived and devised by:
El Conde de Torrefiel
Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert
Pablo Gisbert
Jane Jones, Sylvan, Arno Genista
Set Design:
El Conde de Torrefiel & María Alejandre
Props & Costumes:
María Alejandre
Sound design:
Adolfo Fernández García
Technical director:
Isaac Torres
Victoria Macarte (English), Margarita Göbel (German)
Victoria Macarte (English), Martin Orti (German)
El Conde de Torrefiel
donaufestival (Krems)
Gessnerallee (Zürich)
Diffusion & tour management:
Caravan Production


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