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Plight Notions with Shandy

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Amidst the current alarm about murderous stabbing weapons, a man with a knife mounted to his head comes out of the darkness of the piercing noise and approaches the audience, very close. Perhaps too close. Why are we so sure, actually, that we really need our vital organs to live? At first, the schizophrenic fictional character Shandy tries to convince us of the uselessness of different body parts. Body optimisation of a different brand: Is a prophet of inner disintegration speaking to us here, preaching about the extinction of humans for the good of the planet? Or is it just a dancer who is trying to draw us into his paranoia in a precise choreography? Shandy sees himself as the centre of an evil cosmic conspiracy targeted at his and our bodies. Hollowing out ourselves completely is the only promise of salvation. Bully Fae Collins, a performer and musician from Los Angeles, can be seen in Austria for the first time with his intense performance of manic-virtuous dance and suggestive speech.

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Brian Getnick, Hayley Garrigus, Amanda Horowitz

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