DJ-Line: DAY 4 | Heap & Bocksrucker (Neubau)

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Florian Stöffelbauer is Heap. The prolific man co-leads the Vienna- based record label Neubau and its sublabel Wiener Brut, which has continuously impressing vinyl enthusiasts since it’s birth in 2015. Artists like Aufgang B, Karamika, Leo James, and more recently Alexander Arpeggio, Gil.Barte, MR TC, and Lo Kindre joined the roster and participated with forward thinking and brave dance music. Florian’s DJing is just as diverse and interesting as his label’s output,With his deep knowledge of music and the many secret gems in his vinyl bag he entrances faithful listeners all over Europe. After Heap’s first appearance as a producer on ESP Institute some years back together with Mr. Ho, followed by an EP on Berceuse Heroique with three deadly edits ranging from trance to techno, he has now prepared his first solo EP, upcoming on Neubau in 2019. Peak-time music for the dedicated.


Viennese artist Bocksrucker has been bustling around the electronic music scene for quite some time and made himself a name with his heavy, gloomy productions for local imprints Neubau and Bare Hands. His affinity and sensitivity for nebulous, fussy soundscapes, brachial basslines and stomping percussions can be experienced within Bocksrucker's low swung, moody club tools as well as in his DJ mixes or live sets. Since last year he is co-responsible for the infamous Austrian label Neubau and co-founder of Nonetheless, an electronic experimental band project together with Felix Bergleiter, whose first LP saw the light of day in early November 2018.

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The venue Zentrale is bar and event location at the same time. On May 3 from 10pm - 2am Heap & Bocksrucker (Neubau) will be playing a DJ set. 

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