DJ-Line: DAY 1 | SISTERS U.S.Q. - United Sisters of Queertopia

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SISTERS (U.S.Q. – UNITED SISTERS OF QUEERTOPIA) is a club format with a music focus, which emerged from the desire to create space and visibility for queer persons. As an administrative organ of hegemonic disruptions and the emancipation of non-heteronormative lifestyles, the club format attempts to dissolve binary structures through its multifaceted programme and diversified booking policies.
Furthermore, the club format offers a platform for local and international artists, in all imaginable forms of expression, be it on the stage or in panel discussions, in visual art and pop culture.

100% together.

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The venue Zentrale is bar and event location at the same time. On April 26 from 10pm - 2am SISTERS U.S.Q. - United Sisters of Queertopia will be playing a DJ set. 

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