Ne travaille pas (1968-2018)

Krems Kino im Kesselhaus Kino im Kesselhaus

César Vayssié

Program text


Graffti slogans from May 1968 are juxtaposed with a perfume ad with the word “Revolution”. YouTube snippets flip to scenes from politics, in between flicker snapshots from the relationship of a couple from the performance art scene. Over the course of a year César Vayssié collected material about the state of society and the atmosphere in Paris. His club beat based film celebrates the wealth of negation in a rapid flow of symbols. It comes across like a Situationist update, like a staccato for the hashtag #The Society of the Spectacle.

Ne travaille pas (1968-2018)
Production: César Vayssié, (FRA 2018), 88 min., in the original with english subtitles

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