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This year we have bolstered the DJ lineup, and each day will feature two different DJs or a DJ collective. Outdoor DJs wil already play in the afternoons at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche, and then during the intermissions in the evening in Hall 2. Another new highlight: There will be a DJ in Hall 2 for an hour after the last act each night.
Let’s dance!

Stefanie Seibold & Yasmina Haddad (Hall 2)

Barely Audible Music by Women meets The Unquestioned Answer

On a drive through northern France, a strange, hypnotizing music plays on the radio of our rented car much too quietly – barely audible. The program, it turns out, is dedicated to the sisters Nadia Boulanger and Lili Boulanger. A Pianist, composer, conductor and music educator, Nadia Boulanger later trained and profoundly influenced almost the entire (male) avant-garde of the US, UK and France from Philip Glass to Quincy Jones. Why don't we recognize (know) her

Based on a shared interest in bringing the still often marginalized, repressed and forgotten music of women* to the public –, Stefanie Seibold invited the photographer and co-host of the Vienna Off-Space school Yasmina Haddad to put together a music program for the donaufestival 2022.

In different settings, Yasmina has been hosting THE UNQUESTIONED ANSWER with school for many years, up to 12 hours long rituals in which familiar narratives are neutralized, women's music production is celebrated, and voids in music history are pointed out.

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