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German trio Carl Gari have been collaborating with egyptian poet, singer and artist Abdullah Miniawy for close to six years, debuting back in 2016 on The Trilogy Tapes with Darraje, before releasing The Act Of Falling From The 8th Floor to critical acclaim in 2019 on AD93. In 2021 they contributed a video to Rewire Festival’s online edition combining performance footage with cinematic elements. which was later published by factmag. This Year Carl Gari, made up of musicians Jonas Yamer, Till Funke and Jonas Friedlich, established a new sublabel of Yamer’s Molten Moods imprint, named after and solely dedicated to the band project. The first release Between The Bullet And The Front Sight, Casting Lots is a live mini-album that resulted from the mentioned Rewire performance which was recorded at the munich museum Haus der Kunst.

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