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Blind Cinema

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A film screening where there is nothing to be seen yet many things become apparent – through the power of creating images with language and beyond the limits of the describable. The artist Britt Hatzius invites blindfolded adults to place themselves in the hands – or more precisely, voices – of children. Without being able to see the projected film, which has no dialogue, a cinema develops in the mind of the audience by listening to the voices of children sitting behind them, whispering descriptions of what is happening on the screen. The once so familiar reality of the cinema becomes a borderline experience of the imagination, an unconditional surrender to subjective perception. Blind Cinema is a role swap between adults and children, where the apparent interpretative authority is exchanged between generations. In the end, we all must abandon the illusion of an objective reality.


Direction/Concept: Britt Hatzius
Dramaturgy: Ant Hampton
Film: Britt Hatzius, Simon Arazi
Film production (Picture/Audio): Boris Belay, Maxim, Anne Haaning, Dunkan Speakman
Technical design/Production assistance (Props): Maria Koerkel, Gert Aertsen
Artistic production director: Katja Timmerberg

A co-production of Vooruit (Gent), Beursschwouburg (Brussels) and Bronks Theatre (Brussels). Supported by elementary schools Krems - Stein and Krems - Egelsee.



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