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donaufestival offers a free shuttle bus between Krems and Grafenegg for the performance Trophée on May 05 & 06 in Grafenegg Castle Park. We ask you to register in the time period between May 01 & 03. Departure times and locations will be to your Email address in time..

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A choreographed crusade advances towards the audience in the green of Grafenegg Castle: Trophée by Rudi van der Merwe – supported by the soundscapes of Béatrice Graf, which escalate into martial drumming – begins as a cognitive study for the far-sighted. A group of three dancers forms at the end of a 300-metre-long field. They are wearing sweeping baroque dresses with white face masks and appear to be hybrid beings from an unspecific past and an ominous future. They move across the field, switching between courtly dance ceremonies and militant formations, towards an improvised fence made out of white wooden crosses set up a few metres away from the audience. The border falls, space is conquered and recharted. Images of the violence of invasion and death arise. The title Trophée alludes to the hunt for trophies in war and trophy wives declared as booty while negotiating the youth of the artist born in South Africa, which was marked by hunting and the use of weaponry.

Concept: Rudi van der Merwe, Béatrice Graf
Choreography: Rudi van der Merwe
Choreography created in collaboration with: Susana Panadés Diaz and Jòzsef Trefeli
Performance: Ivan Blagajčevic, Gyula Cseperes, Claire-Marie Ricarte
Music and performance: Béatrice Graf
Collaboration scenography: Victor Roy
Collaboration costumes: Kata Tòth
Administration: Laure Chapel
Promotion: Gábor Varga
Production: Skree Wolf

Co-production: Festival Antigel
Supported by: Republic and Canton of Geneva
Tour-Support: Pro Helvetia, Corodis, Republic and Canton of Geneva
With friendly support by Grafenegg.


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