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As an active member of the art community in Austria, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich is appalled by the recent developments in cultural politics: increasing austerity measures, which especially weaken non-commercial art practices – such as performance, artistic research, public art, and other experimental approaches. With the firm belief that art is an important motor in society, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich understands that collaborations between art and economy are more important than ever, especially in order to enhance autonomy in the arts. This is why we have decided to invite the start-up company Hobby Horse Ltd. in the context of our activities at donaufestival. We offer the audience a chance to explore the services of this company, which provides innovative solutions to present challenges. In contemporary society the notion of labour, work, and non-work has changed. By collaborating with Hobby Horse Ltd., a company founded by young entrepreneurs, we want to establish a fruitful dialogue between art and economy which can boost creativity in Austria.



© Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Foto: Marlies Surtmann

Performatorium #006

The Performatorium is a laboratory for contemporary performative practice and a platform for individuals who are interested in exploring performance art beyond just theory. The programme of the regular meetings is decided collectively in advance. Performative methods are introduced to the group in the form of personal inputs by the participants. In this way performative knowledge is generated in exchange and action. For the latest information: 



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