Wild Vlees

Krems Halle 3 Halle 3

When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing.

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In a world full of individualisation mania and peer pressure the Dutch performance group Wild Vlees – Proud Meat – celebrates the beauty of dissolving the borders between body images and their surroundings. In the minimalist-installative performance When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing the young troup around Francesca Lazzeri, Tamar Blom, Joost Segers, and Job Rietvelt stages the dissipation of organic form in an inorganic mass through the essential elements plaster and naked bodies. The slow disappearance of the physical impression of an intertwined couple is preceded by a preparatory phase: The profane preparation of both the plaster and the performers’ bodies has equal significance as the final poetic act when the couple becomes one with the surrounding substance. The audience witnesses a transformation process in which the bodies are slowly but steadily disappearing, until their image seems nothing more than a trace leading from the immediate past into the now.

By and with Hidde Aans Verkade, Vera Andeweg, Tamar Blom, Neal Groot, Francesca Lazzeri, Bauke Moerman, Charles Pas, Loes van der Pligt, Job Rietvelt, Dennis Tiecken, Isadora Tomasi, Jan Taks

A production by Wild Vlees, co-production by Theaterfestival Boulevard's-Hertogenbosch (NL) in cooperation with Festival Cement (NL). 


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