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On two long weekends the one-of-a-kind art festival will feature adventuresome aesthetics and oscillations between music, performance, visual arts, film, and discursive formats. In-depth essays on the annual theme by international writers are published in the accompanying donaufestival reader. A day pass grants you access to up to 20 events.

donaufestival 2022 (april 29 – may 1 & may 6 – 8): STEALING THE STOLEN

The festival title Stealing the Stolen reiterates the fact that there is no essence of culture – and thus no evolution without (re)appropriation processes of what does not belong, what is lost, or what was simply not available before. But the question is: What frames of reference can be posited against appropriations that are undoubtedly exploitative or rightly judged as illegitimate? Which counter appropriations can have an emancipatory, or perhaps compensatory effect – and for whom? donaufestival 2022 puts its trust in the power of counter appropriations – against hegemonic forms and for new connections.

Full detailed programme now available!


=> Timetable


=> 2022 04 29 Sound (Fehler Kuti, Galya Bisengalieva, Helm, Tirzah, MC Yallah & Debmaster, Soap&Skin)

=> 2022 04 30 Sound (Midori Takada, 75 Dollar Bill, Carl Gari&Abdullah Miniway, UMFANG, Arca, 700 Bliss)

=> 2022 05 01 Sound (Hiro Kone, Matana Roberts & Jessica Moss, Tara Nome Doyle, Blackhaine, Shabazz Palaces)

=> 2022 05 06 Sound (Mabe Fratti, Raja Kirik, Les Filles de Illighadad, AMMAR 808, The Bug & Dis Fig, Giant Swan)

=> 2022 05 07 Sound (Space Afrika, The Caretaker, Dis Fig, Lua Preta, Jehnny Beth, Measure Maniacs)

=> 2022 05 08 Sound (GLAM, Aho Ssan, Keeley Forsyth, Sarathy Korwar, Wiliam Basinski, JASSS&Ben Kreukniet)

=> Performance week 1 (Ula Sickle: The Sadness, Kids of the Diaspora: Nothing Can Cross Our Spirit)

=> Performance week 2 (Ariel Efraim Ashbel and Friends: Fire Walk With Me, Nomcebisi Moyikwa: Somewhere Me, Mai Ling kocht 3: We All Eat Dirt)

=> Kunst und Installation (Julian Warner: The Kriegsspiel - Installation und Performance, Michael Fischer & Albert Mayr: Dream Machine 3000, Peter Moosgaard: Pinoy Boomshrine (Replica))

=> Talk/Diskurs (Julian Warner/Cherrie O., Research Lab mit Gesprächen, Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe*: Die Revolution des Croissants)

=> Atmo und DJs



=> Press photos performance/art

=> Press photos sound

=> Press photos film/talk

=> Atmosphere

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Archive 2021

donaufestival 2021 (October 1–3 & 8–10): IN THE YEAR OF THE METAL OX

The Line-up is online!

In The Year Of The Metal Ox means a state of emergency – and perseverance at once. New hopes, new fortunes. The title of donaufestival 2021 refers to the Chinese zodiac sign for the same year, which is still swaying under the spell of a pandemic. It knows no outside, but does not affect us all in the same way. Rather, it has escalated social breakpoints and provoked unimagined artistic approaches to corporeality and technology, intimacy and collectivity.


=> Press text donaufestival 2021: The Line-up is online!

=> Timetable and programme details

The film installation Chaos Theory by the collective Metahaven (commissioned by donaufestival in cooperation with Kunsthalle Krems was shown from May 04 to June 27, 2021 in the Kunsthalle.



=>  day 1: Sound Bendik Giske | Elvin Brandhi | Nuha Ruby Ra | Kali Malone presents 'Does Spring Hide Its Joy' featuring Lucy Railton and Stephen O’Malley | Nazar | Duma

=>  day 2: Sound Die Wilde Jagd | FRKTL | Deena Abdelwahed Live | Angel-Ho | David Fenech, Jac Berrocal & Vincent Epplay | BbyMutha | Kampire 

=> day 3: Sound Jerskin Fendrix | UCC Harlo | Jung An Tagen & Rainer Kohlberger AV Performance | Prison Religion | Girl Band | Margenrot

=> day 4: Sound Rosa Anschütz | Die Orangen | Robert Henke: CBM 8032 AV |Masma Dream World | Lost Girls | Loraine James

=> day 5: Sound DEATHPROD: Occulting Disk | Aho Ssan | Decolonize Your Mind Society | Conny Frischauf | Black Country, New Road | Phantom Gold (Collaboration Rosa Nebel x Herrgottsblick)

=> day 6: Sound Asifeh | Gischt | Lyra Pramuk | Kìzis mit Streichquartett | Nordra | Ghostpoet

=>  Performance WE 1 Up. Lisa Hinterreithner: linger on

=>  Performance WE 1 Ingri Fiksdal, Fredrik Floen, Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy: Fictions of the Flesh

=> Performance WE 1 Ira Melkonyan & the rubberbodies collective: Upstairs Geology 50/50

=> Performance WE 2 Marco Donnarumma x Margherita Pevere: Eingeweide

=> Performance WE 2 Hollow: Summit

=>  Installationen knowbotiq in collaboration with Odete: Genesis Machines, indigo farming | Anne Imhof: Untitled (Wave) | Forensic Architecture: Triple-Chaser | Michael Wallinger fprs. 19

Archive 2020

donaufestival “Machines Like Us” April 24 – 26 and April 30 – May 2, 2020 CANCELLED!

This year’s leitmotif responds to the growing influence of algorithms and artificial intelligence on society. donaufestival 2020 examines the multifaceted relationships between man and machine, which are also transforming the self-conception of creative practices.

Archive 2019


donaufestival. new society



WE1: Karin Pauer & Aldo Giannotti: this is where we draw the line / fABULEUS / Michiel Vandevelde: Paradise Now (1968-2018) / Bully Fae Collins: Plight Notions with Shandy

WE2: Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll und Thomas Melle: Unheimliches Tal. Uncanny Valley / El Conde de Torrefiel: KULTUR  / Ligia Lewis: Water Will (in Melody)

Jonas Staal: Steve Bannon: A Propaganda Retrospective, Model (museumkrems)

26.04.2019 Yonatan Gat & The Eastern Medicine Singers / Katharina Ernst / Alien Parade / Alien Disco Soundclash / Anna von Hausswolff / Årabrot / Tyondai Braxton / Giant Swan

27.04.2019 Feldermelder plays Erratic / Ben LaMar Gay / N-Prolenta / LAFAWNDAH / Lonnie Holley / Holly Herndon / Khalab

28.04.2019 Nadja / AAA / Punctum / Shortparis / Gudrun Gut / Planningtorock

03.05.2019 Ark Noir / Rafael Anton Irisarri / Lucrecia Dalt / Hüma Utku / Godflesh / Eartheater / Fatima Al Qadiri / Yves Tumor

04.05.2019 Benjamin Shaw / Lisa Stenberg / Flotation Toy Warning / Hyph11E / Guttersnipe / Grim Lusk / Apparat

05.05.2019 Rakta / schtum / Deafkids / Irreversible Entanglements / Nkisi / Kate Tempest / Talk: Black Quantum Futurism


Printing for press purposes is free of charge if owner of copyright (photographer and festival) is stated.



Press information 2018


Festival photos

Performance: The Agency: Medusa Bionic Rise; Liquid Loft; Wild Vlees; Barbis Ruder; Rudi van der Merwe: Trophée; Britt Hatzius: Blind Cinema; Oreet Ashery: Passing Through Metals

Art/Installation: Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch: Premise Place (edit 1); Marina Gioti: Polysomnogarden; Floris Vanhoof: Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon; Anna Vasof: Loop Hole; John Gerrard: Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas)

Stockholmsyndrom: Julien Deprez; JK Flesh feat. Moor Mother, Farce

Talks: Simon Reynolds/Jens Balzer/Christian Höller; Tilman Baumgärtel; Thomas Edlinger/Armen Avanessian/Eva Horn

Sound: 27.04. Lanark Artefax / Grouper / Godspeed You! Black Emperor / MOPCUT / Laurel Halo / Lightning Bolt

Sound: 28.04. Nobody (Willis Earl Beal) / In My Talons / Orson Hentschel / MHYSA / Lotic / DJ Taye / ZONAL ft. Moor Mother

Sound: 29.04. Lawrence English / The Space Lady / Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois / Demdike Stare LIVE AV w/Michael England / Puce Mary / Gravetemple / Ex Eye

Sound: 04.05. Amnesia Scanner / Sote presents Parallel Persia / Coby Sey / Lafidki / James Holden & The Animal Spirits / FAKA

Sound: 06.05. Friends of Gas / Circuit des Yeux / Matana Roberts & Kelly Jayne Jones / Big|Brave / Scout Niblett / Molly Nilsson / Deerhoof / as waves go by

Printing for press purposes is free of charge if owner of copyright (photographer and festival) is stated.

Promotion photos

Selected Photos Artists 2018


Festival photos 2017

Performances: Ligia Lewis: minor matter / Ariel Ephraim Ashbel and friends: The Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic / Doris Uhlich: Habitat / Karl Karner und Linda Samaraweerová: WÜRFELN III / Oliver Zahn und Julian Warner: Situation mit Doppelgänger / Laboratory of Anger Management / Colin Self: Siblings /  QUARTO: Durational Rope / Stephan Geene feat. Claudia Basrawi, Justus Köhnke & Ricky Shayne: mutwillig, Shayne

Sound: 28.04. (Scritti Politti, Elysia Crampton, group A, M.E.S.H., Sote with Tarik Barri, Arash Bolouri & Behrouz Pashaei, Stockholm 1: Greg Fox)

Sound: 29.04. (Foodman, Jace Clayton, Moor Mother, Palmistry, Tommy Genesis, Yves Tumor, Stockholm 2: Heather Leigh)

Sound: 30.04. (Gnod, Gonjasufi, Guardian Alien, Heather Leigh & Peter Brötzmann, Horse Lords, Michele Nox, Ulver, Stockholm 3: 1115 Julian Warner)

Sound: 01.05. (Radian / Roisz / dieb13, Einstürzende Neubauten, Ian William Craig, Josephien Foster, The Body, The Grubby Mitts, Stockholm 4: Eartheater)

Sound: 05.05. (Actress, Emptyset, Equiknoxx, Gazelle Twin: Kingdom Come, Silver Apples, The Bug feat. Miss Red, Stockholm 5: Vika Kirchenbauer)

Sound: 06.05. (Ben Frost, Deafheaven, Dino Spiluttini, Klara Lewis, Oliver Coates, Pharmakon, Stian Westerhus, This Is Not This Heat, Stockholm 6: Ventil)

Promotion photos artists: A-Z DOWNLOAD here

Portaits Thomas Edlinger (aristic director) and Bettina Kogler (curator performance 2017): DOWNLOAD here

Printing for press purposes is free of charge if owner of copyright (photographer and festival) is stated.


Little photo selection of donaufestival artists 2021:

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